Ritual Programming and Soul Fragmentation Part 1: Unfolding the Partitions

Blueprint of Demonic Oppression Within a Soul

This by far is the most important and the most difficult aspect of this whole topic to present. Mind you I am no fancy board-certified doctor therefore who am I to speak on such topics? Because of this reality, you can rest assured that most if not all healing interventions are passive and affirming of a person’s individuality. Additionally, judge for yourself the rationale behind all my reasonings and descriptions. Though I will indicate that this is from a purely Christian perspective, as a result, some would be suspect of my ability to address such contexts. Likewise, I reiterate that all the modalities encourage the survivors to take self-willed actions in their process of healing. The last thing we want to do is replace one cult programming with another! Therefore I will do my best to lay this all out for you in a clear and depictive way. Also, understand that this is a process of attempting to reach out into the ethers of a person’s soul and help them discover how to find the missing pieces. This is not an exact science and neither should it be. Every person is a unique creation and therefore the healing is ultimately dependent upon God’s intervention. You are merely a conduit for the power of the Holy Spirit and an instrument to display his power in this realm.

I understand that many traditional Christians would see the following information as a type of witchcraft or new age ism. I fully respect your opinion and position on such things. In common times I would agree, but I feel like we no longer live in common times. The Devil as we all know is fully manifesting his power in all opportunities presented to destroy humanity. I would argue that this is a demonstration of God’s power in this time period for the demands at the moment. At the very least I request that you reflect and pray to God for his guidance before condemning me and the information I share. In its simplest form, I attempt to reverse the methods used by the demonic kingdom to enslave and destroy the children that God loves. No more and no less.

Let it also be said that some cult programming can be quite extreme and the amount of repressed emotion can be monumental. This requires you to be prudent about assisting someone else or yourself through a process of healing. There are situations where the individual can actually be a danger to oneself or others. So you must be sober about your efforts and plan for contingencies accordingly. This includes the number of people who are available to help with the healing process as well as gender dynamics which can both help and hinder the healing process.

Breaking Down the Aspects of Fragmentation

Ok, let’s start this education process by referring to the image to the side. In a perfect untarnished world, I see the human soul and how God created us, as the larger soul at the top of this image. When we are created in God’s perfect mind we are the sphere alone, undiluted and unaffected by sin. As a result of birth into this Earth plane however we understand it, we are subject to the sinful strongholds of our parents and the sin of the world.

 “Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you. You show love to thousands but bring the punishment for the parents’ sins into the laps of their children after them. Great and mighty God, whose name is the Lord Almighty” (Jeremiah 32:17-18).

Think of a parent, family, or friends who are abusive often times these sins are committed against us and we have little to no recompense. I see it as nothing other than a demonic stronghold of another seeking to contaminate and inhabit others around them, like a virus of consciousness. See the book People of the Lie by Scott Peck for further understanding of that concept. As we grow we all are exposed to greater or lesser sinister actions in our lives. The damage of these actions against us begins as the process where the partitioning and soul differentiation begin to occur. If you take this to the logical extreme you are able to start to infer how SRA and Mind Control Programming begin to seem more plausible.

When we view the image above you can see the branches coming down off the main circle. For example, look at the medium sphere just below the main one. This is but another conscious part of the soul. This could maybe be the result of experiencing a car accident. This trauma could cause great emotion, since someone is simply trying to survive it is reasonable to see they could not process the emotion of the event at that time. As a result, the emotion is set off to the side for later processing, this essentially splits off a part of a person’s personality into a differentiated subpacket until the emotion is confronted. Strange enough sometimes these dynamics of personality can be fully conscious but will change roles based on the demands of the moment. This is how someone can be displaying MPD symptoms. Compared to when we see someone “flip out” this I think is usually unconscious programs that are “triggered” by a certain ongoing situation. The difference is that one transition appears to be a natural flow of the personality and the latter is showing something that brings a highly emotional response forward based upon a trigger.

Ok, remember this is not an exact science, more so a gestalt of what I have experienced in myself and in those I have prayed for and counseled with. So please take it easy on me.

So we are getting close to the levels where the SRA and Mind Control programming begins. The circles in the image we have been looking at that are shaded, are representations of how some of these personalities can be subconscious and repressed only coming out when coaxed or triggered to come out.

Generally, most of a person we will ever know is the primary personality; this or these personalities work overtime inside the highly conflicted individual to keep the out-of-control personalities in line. So, at the very least they can function day to day. This is a tiresome and challenging endeavor, this is where existential angst and oppressive reservation come from. This “primary” conscious personality is generally doing all it can to manage and understand many additional personalities that can all be expressing themselves in the most subtle and out-of-control ways. This is a primary reason to have great sympathy for these survivors. They work tirelessly to try to keep it all together.

It would be very difficult for someone to sort this out themselves and the drugs do nothing but keep all the competing numbed out. People cannot undo this themselves, the conscious personalities are already maxed out and due to defense mechanisms will actively stand in the way of communicating with the more subtle personalities hiding within a person. This is reasonable enough, when these subpersonalities have been programmed and abused repeatedly the primary personality begins to take a defensive position against anyone who tries to undo the locks. This is why you as a facilitator are so important, as you begin to work with a person you will slowly gain the trust of the primary personality and they will start to let their guard down allowing you to access deeper levels of their soul. These are part of the soul they can protect but it is very difficult for them to heal. So as they learn to trust you, you will be able to begin to speak with the other parts of the individual and begin the process of healing these disparate parts.

These can be dramatic partitions that can begin to be accessed through the process of prayer, gaining trust, and helping someone to let go of their “conscious” control. At this point in time, you are able to begin to regress this individual to allow them to settle into their subconscious and begin to access the repressed memories and mental constructs they have developed. What we mean by regression is allowing them to relax in a calm space with their eyes closed and low light. We then ask them if anyone would like to come up and speak? There can be a little conflict between the personalities but if you facilitate the communcation you can hold the space for these often times younger parts of the person. You can ask these younger parts about what they see, what types of things they like, and what they feel and think. These places or mental constructs they describe if visually depicted can resemble images by the artist H.R. Geiger. Sometimes appearing to what look to be hell worlds. Some things I do not fully understand, but to the best of my understanding, it is as if these visions represent layers of lies and etheric (spiritual occultic) conduits that the kingdom of darkness uses to influence and oppress an individual. A demonic stronghold as the bible would describe it.

2 Corinthians 10:3-4
For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.

These strongholds are multifaceted. Usually they are established upon some deep significant lie that the individual believes about themselves or the world. It can take a long time to learn what the lie could be. This is what we would call the pre-tense (we will come back to this “pretense” in the next section). Your primary objective at the beginning would be to unwrap this world that surrounds the individual and make the unconscious conscious. You can write down the places they describe, God can provide for you insight or images that help you see the realm this personality lives within, and you also can ask for them to draw what they see if they are able.

For example, maybe they describe themselves being locked in a cage. You can tell them that they can imagine you walking up to the cage with a key coming to unlock the cage. You also would want to ask them if they see anything else that should be investigated. Maybe it is a door or an object. Have them proceed to uncover all that can be discovered. As wierd as it sounds it is a bit like exploring a dungeon crawling game. You have almost the ability to create a new outcome for these scenarios that until now has been an endless trap. You can pause the time, tell them they have swords in their hands, or that angels are there beside them to protect them, etc. Whatever it is that God places into your heart and mind to impliment. It is fully probable that through your own experience of helping survivors that you will discover a better way to help heal these seperate identities.

Once again this is not gospel truth this is simply the very best that I have discovered to help heal someone with MPD. What we must ask is. Are there people with SRA? If so. How do we help them heal? Do we let them go on suffering for all the crimes commited against them? I’d say no, we do the best we can to help them heal and realize that God does actually love them and is not mean or evil.

Imagine it like this. Here there are young children being abused and tortered by bad individuals possibly in ritual settings. Implanted within the childs mind is this fantasy world. They are unsure what is real and what is fake. All they know is that this visual landscape includes a lot of trauma, possibly scary characters, and bad feelings. In my opinion it does not matter to us what the imaginations demonstrate and as unbelievable they may seem, but it does matter to them. What we want is for that person to feel the emotions of these experiences and we are there to provid the support to explore these inner landscapes. Even if it seems ludacris. Children inturpret the world in symbols and archetypes. Some of these children could have been abused even before hardly mastering language. They may not understand that it was abuse, but the soul God placed within them full on knows. This perspective provides for me a plausible explanation for some of the imagery that can be described or intuited. Can you see that these individuals very well could regress in psychological age before your eyes as they connect with these abandoned parts of themselves. Deep down they are just little children looking to be loved and saved from the evil that they have lived under for many years.

The image above is intended to show a rudimentary road map of ways that the enemy builds strongholds within a person. It was created about 4 years ago in an attempt to map the soul of my friend. Even for others it gives the unconscious a road map to help it understand what it is experiencing without the need for words. It is not the image itself that means or does anything. Simply that it offers a primitive part of our psyches to see where it could fit in. Like someone has finally seen the message in a bottle they released in hope of rescue. It is a message to them that we are coming to help them.

There are many more aspects and certainly the most important i.e. Jesus, that will be covered in deeper detail in Part II of this series.

Considerations of Appropriate Gender Applications

I can imagine this is a lot to absorb. Trust me I am struggling to write all this in a succinct form. Still hear me out, I trust we will be able to bring this back around. But first, allow me to take a quick detour at this point in time though. It is unlikely that I would need to convince you that we are going through a transition in time and reality. It is an ongoing day-to-day thing for me at this point, miraculous indeed and despite the fears, I trust God the Father to bring us through. Because the time and resources required to help survivors recover are significant, at times it can feel like all that is needed may not be available, still, God provides. This lack of a support network and resources at times could make a person feel like they are a survivor’s only lifeline. You may find yourself becoming a survivor’s only lifeline yourself. As the verse goes, the laborers are few. If you find that you are in this situation it would be prudent to consider a few things. First off, statistically speaking survivors are primarily women. Of course, there will be males but for the most part, those who will be seeking healing are women. Accordingly, I firmly believe that it is primarily appropriate that women minister to women survivors. I know we guys want to get involved and fix things, but take my word for it that doing so can make things more difficult for a survivor. Sometimes romantic feelings can get involved and make it harder for everyone involved. Many of my earlier articles can express how important this is based on my experiences working with a woman in a way that was too vulnerable for both of us. Still, though men, do not fret, you have a duty to play that we will get into next. I’m convicted Men have a spiritual authority that women do not carry. Though I am sure there are plenty of women that could pray us out the door. What I mean is that God gives men a constitution that women do not have, that is in taking authority by the name of Jesus Christ against the Enemy in a powerful way. Of course not in a physical manner though restraint may be required at times but rather in a spiritual way. The following verse sums it up I think.

From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it. (Mat 11:12)

For there will be times through the process of getting someone free that you will come up against powerful spiritual forces. During times like this, a masculine presence is powerful in the efforts to uncover and dispense the enemy out of an individual. But in regards to the emotional healing and mourning over the loss, it is better for women to facilitate this and for men to step back from the healing process. There is always a positive effect of a fatherly presence in young people’s lives, but strict boundaries must be maintained because the enemy will use all tools within his toolbox to keep people enslaved. The seductive spirit will readily manifest and when rejected the victimhood spirit will then manifest stopping the healing process cold in its tracks. Where a woman could quickly shut down the seductive spirit and discipline a person with love reducing the chance of offense. I trust this all makes sense and that both males and females reading this can recognize when to assert God-given authority in such situations. Thankfully I trust that as time continues we will find more resources available for healing such survivors and better accommodations can be presented that protect all individuals’ fidelity. We are going to have many long years of healing after all the evil that has been done against so many… But I pray that it should get easier.

Kicking in the Doors and Breaking the Chains

We so often want to dismiss the evil that is enacted against others as meerly a worldly issue. We talk about mental health all night and day and no one seems to know what to do about it. There is more medication, therapist, and legal drugs than ever before. Maybe there is something more to this mental health thing, could it actually be of a spiritual nature? Psychatry would never let you in on that. At the very least it does not bring in the same income. Ministers charge little to nothing in comaprison to the doctor we schedule time with. Im not saying that psychology and pschyatry are worthless. But when it comes to certain things it appears to have little beneficial effect.

This is where I split from the common academic narrative, that all of this is a materialistic world. Has not the last few years shown us we are not dealing with plainly a materialistic world. If you cannot begin to see that by now I dont know how to help you. But as of the last few years there has been a consitant rise in the number of people seeking deliverance. So at the very least what Im attempting to impress here is that demonic forces do influence and are primarly the driving force behind SRA and Mind Control modalities. Some thing never change, even though we are lied to believe they have.
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 1 Peter 5:8

Because of this when working with SRA survivors you need to be contientious that you can well be dealing with a demon. Im under the belief that a persons alters can mimic being demonic. As though a defense mechanism against abuse or to scare people from getting to close to the truth of a situation. I will not pretend I understand all the methods used to program individuals, but it is fair to say that they are quite sophisticated and if not for the grace of God absolute.

In my experience the greatest evidence of a demonic spirit is when a pretense is discovered. When you can identify a blatent lie that is being projected onto reality to obstruct your perception of what is true. At the moment you notice the pre tense you must jump on the pretense like a lion. You hold the spirit that is behind that pretense in a spiritual choke hold of your God driven Holy Spirit will. Do not let it go no matter how much it wiggles and tries to slither out of it. The spirit will begin to attempt to obstruct, confuse, scare you, pertend it is not there. This is the benefit of having other people on your team at moments like this. Because the demons are so crafty and sophisticated they will try all sorts of mental gymnastics to hide in the hedges again. If they slip away it is unlikely you will be able to grasp them again for some time. Because usually the survivor will become agitated and will want to finish the session. This is another risk that must be approached with wisdom is that the demonic spirit will usually try to brush you off and finish the session. Im of the opinion that you crush that spirit with the full weight of the word of God until it relents. But still you do not want the person to be injured or become to distressed when the spirit manifest. First off before engaging with anyones demonic forces it is important that you get permission from the Lord to proceed. In my own experience jumping in gunho into this without asking for permission first, has turned out horribly. So check in with the Lord for permission. If he says, “No.” you got to go along, no matter how bad you want to help the person suffering.

Ok so here are some key powers you have as a warrior of God in Christ Jesus.

  1. While in session you bind the demons in the name of Jesus as soon as you identify their pretense.
  2. Prepare for the battle: This process can take some time. Once again this the benefit of having other believers to help. If we ourselves have fallen into sin and are not well connected to the Holy Spirit we often will find that we have little strength to bring against them. This will usually be when they taunt us. If we are not in a good place with the Lord. It is probably best that we postpone sessons until we are rebuilt within his Spirit. This is an emotionally exhausting process. The atmosphere of the room can change and all other sort of demonic things can occur. But to reassure you the movies are generally over dramatized. When you are done you will be exhausted, that I can promise.
  3. Next it is helpful to identify who or what this demon is. They will often lie… They lie a lot. So what you say once you bind them is, “What is your name in the name of Jesus Christ.” At this point they often lie.
  4. You stop them from lying by telling them, “Before the throne of God tell me your name.” This will usually aggravate them to no end. It is good to make them suffer honestly. They deserve it. Using this helps in many situations when they are working to deceive you. If they refuse to cooperate usually ask for the Angels to stab them with spears. That is my particular favorite. They are very sadistic with us, I feel no sympathy getting a little sadistic torturing them. Also you can use this method to be sure it is not a alter masquerading as a demon.
  5. Now back to the pretense. You must entangle and force the demonic presence to admit their pretense is incorrect. They work primarily on legal rights. If they are attempting to stand on some legal right that the bible does not support they are powerless. Sometimes the person has some unrepentant sin that gives the demon legal rights for example. Or there is a generational curse that gives the demon legal rights. Once again using the above technique you must weed out what it is that gives the demon or demons the right to be inhabiting this person. When you break all the legal rights you then have the ability to cast the demon out. If they resist torture them, until they no longer have the power to endure (the spirit not the person for those who would confuse this).
  6. Once they are exhausted and have no legal rights at that point you command the demon to go to the throne of God for judgement. Usually they will leave the person. Either the person will shake, scream, contort, or spit up and during that the demon or demons are exiting the person. After you have cleaned house usually the person comes back to peace. But you are not quite done.
  7. If you access this demon through a partitioned part of the person you then return back to that separate personality. You love them and let them know they now are safe. You also introduce them to Jesus and let them know that he loves them so much and he has been waiting so long to be reunited with them. That he forgives them and redeems them, the gospel message, etc. You then invite this personality to go with Jesus to heaven. In my experience the the Holy Spirit will take this fragmented alter and will take them to a safe place. At this point it has appeared that the primary personality wakes up as if seeing the world for the first time, with long lost memories, and a deeper experience of the self. They may have questions, lots of tears, but usually awe and wonder. It is a beautiful thing.

There is so much to more that could be covered in this above section but at this point in time I trust it is sufficient. What I think happens is that these split off personalities have never had the ability to “accept” Christ as there Lord and Savior. No where in my mind do I believe that these people are not saved. In my perspective if only a small part of themselves believe than they are saved. But what I do think that through this these survivors are able to experience a deeper healing and completion in Christ Jesus. As we all seek to be perfect like our Father in Heaven.

Final piece to consider: I no way do I think this needs to be some new life group at church. Personally I believe it should only be implemented with those who are true DID ritual abuse survivors who are feeling stuck. This is not intended to be a new “Christian” thing. Jesus Christ is Lord and we should remain solely focused on him as such. To do otherwise is to be focused on the world and not on heavenly things.

#Deliverance #SoulFragmentation

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