Ritual Programming and Soul Fragmentation: An Introduction

The Tree of Life(Jesus Christ) Growing through the Damaged Soul

This blog has been in the making for more than 4 years. When I first started laying out the base concepts that this article will cover I felt like it was a bit before its time. Whether that is true or not I could not tell you. At the very least it was introducing concepts of the psyche that I am currently unaware of existing in other literature.

Some of the concepts here could possibly be touched on in the book Broken to Whole: Inner Healing of the Fragmented Soul by Seneca Schurbon and other Authors. This book has extensive testimonials of people who have worked with healing those who have Multiple Personality Disorder(MPD) or Dis-associative Identity Disorder (DID). The medical community at best considers these conditions permanent but treatable. I’m of the opinion that with extensive inner work and spiritual healing that survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) can begin to be restored and redeemed to God’s purpose for their lives. Will it be easy? No. Will it happen instantaneously? Likely not. But is there a process to heal? Yes, very much so and have God to thank for such a thing.

I view a person’s soul much like the drawing above. Before God saves us from our sins we are like but a dead tree. Nothing but the demonstration of our pride, our past, the crimes committed against us, and then our own sins. As Christ plants his spirit within the soil of our old flesh slowly but surely a new life emerges. Breaking through all the bondages and heavyweights of the past. Changing inside of us what we had come to accept would never change. The rock bottom experience gives us new life. I see this same process working out in the lives of those who are SRA survivors. Arguably though they need extra special attention from the fellowship of believers. They often have broken families, a lack of social or career skills, and oppressive thoughts and memories. Because of this, I see it as super important that the body of believers rise up to the challenge of our times. The understanding is that there are going to be millions of survivors from tragic pasts who will need to be adopted and loved by the fellowship of Christ in this coming decade.

Let’s get to the reality of what it means to be a survivor. These people have been to hell and back. Some of them may feel like they are still in hell. As nice as it can be to have spontaneous healing, generally a quick prayer at the front of the church is not enough. An SRA survivor has had extended and systematic forms of physical and emotional abuse. The inclusion of the emotional abuse makes the process of healing more intensive than say that of merely mending bones. A survivor of SRA abuse has had years if not decades of lies they have come to believe about themselves and others. This is in conjunction with repressed memories that have been compartmentalized within their psyche by a refined scientific method. All this is packed together with negative spiritual entities that have integrated themselves into the person’s soul and cause significant havoc and angst inside the survivor. Most survivors are in a type of internal war which actively resists the exposure of the truth. On one hand, being destroyed by the evil enacted against them and simultaneously self-destructing as they try to integrate the emotions, they have understandably divorced themselves from. It is truly tragic and a desperate state.

So if you come across someone who is an SRA survivor consider that you are in the presence of a strong and courageous individual. Even though the challenges they face can seem insurmountable, their attitudes are aggressive, and the stories they share are unbelievable, do all you can do to give them the respect and love they deserve.

We currently have a big struggle in the time-space that we as humans are currently residing in. It is a dilemma that has yet to be integrated. On the planet, we have millions of individuals who are survivors or still prisoners of SRA. These individuals are in the sex industry, the military, international brothels, and possibly even part of families living in your neighborhood. There have been years of accrued debt against these survivors. Debts of incalculable proportions that are still outstanding. Since as of our current reality at the time of this writing these perpetrators largely go with these debts unpaid. Therefore the cost required to rehabilitate these survivors falls to those who come alongside these survivors in an effort to facilitate their healing. This by far is a costly process. It is not as simple as a line item budget, there is the extenuating cost that manifests as a result of the demonic oppression and control that the enemy strives to maintain. Satan will spare no cost to keep the secrets of his fallen kingdom from the general populace.

The thief does not come except to steal, kill, and destroy. I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly. John 10:10

The process of healing can be emotionally and financially destructive even to those who out of the goodness of their hearts step out in faith to help a survivor. With the economic warfare, we are currently facing from this kingdom of darkness, the ability to provide for these survivors is even more difficult. Sadly the psychological community has run cover for these perpetrators and has nicely trained the general populace to normalize the costs of this evil they protect. Despite a significant lack of resources required to rehabilitate, we all must carry on trusting that Lord Jesus Christ will provide a way.

So let’s first start with how people first get programmed. At this point in time, it appears that most people have a general understanding of the basic methods.

  1. The Target, Mark, or Victim: Most victims are children or individuals without a protective family structure or who are in poverty which makes them vulnerable to predation and manipulation. Many women are disconnected from their fathers making them vulnerable to being love-bombed and sweet-talked into abduction. Young girls are pulled into human trafficking at shopping malls, near nightclubs, and casinos.
  2. Disconnection and Negatment: Victims will then be separated from their family members and friends. This is common amongst nefarious cult communities minimizing the thoughts and influences of other people in their life. At this point in time drugs are often provided and a victim will slowly be pulled into deeper and deeper compromising activities. The compromising activities will be used as blackmail against the victim beginning to form an elementary basis for mind control. Here the victim will begin to trauma bond with their handler. The victim will begin to unconsciously attempt to heal the wounds obtained from her father. Causing them to make excuses for their abuser and assume that any negative repercussions are due to their poor behavior. This is the beginning of the Stockholm syndrome and the start of the soul’s disassociation.
  3. Dimensional Programming and Demonic Entrapment: At this point, the victim has begun to be softened for deeper and more sophisticated programming. Depending on the environment a victim is in can determine much about the processes or procedures that are implemented against them to be formed into a puppet of their handler’s making. A woman in the sex industry working the streets is programmed differently than young children in a sexually abusive religious sect. Children of parents who are part of the Illuminati are treated differently than those who are programmed in the military. Despite the differences between sophistication and the goals of the programming, be assured that they all incorporate misaligned demonic entities that are the driving force between the programmers and that which is behind the infestation of the once innocent individual. (To gain an understanding of the most sophisticated levels of programming read Trance Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien)

These victims are purposefully placed into a double bind or catch-22 situations so that they have to pick the lesser of two evils. One of the choices usually threatens the safety of their own life or that of something they love. The second choice will allow them to avoid personal harm or death but usually requires them to make a compromising situation that would otherwise be against their morals. Slowly but surely eventually the person’s consciousness becomes deadened and begins to become a shell of a body, nothing other than a means to an end.

People could argue that this is all pseudo science and that God does not offer a process of healing. I would counter this argument that just as there is a process to program someone as described above there is also a process to deprogram survivors.

We will begin to look at this process in the coming installations. We also will look at the evidence that mitigates the media’s narrative of unsubstantiated Satanic Panic, of course, all reports of SRA cannot be confirmed. But this does not mean that there is no substantial evidence that indicates a worldwide network of child abuse and ritual sacrifice. I will present cases that indicate undisputable evidence of such claims.

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