Censored People WebSite List

These are not live links because of Search Engine ShadowBanning. Remove the / before the .com or .org once copied to the browser. I do not always agree with everything that everyone says. Still, I believe there are relevant counter-voices to the Babylon Beast system narratives. So do not consider a link an endorsement but rather a resource. If you have any suggestions feel free to send a message.

BillHolter./com – Financial Advisor

USAWatchdog./com – Greg Hunter News Reporter Insider

SteveQuayle./com – Truther Prophet Alien-Demon Researcher

BoPolny./com – Cycles Analyst and Prophetic Researcher

Brighteon./com – Mike Adams Alt Media Platform from Health Ranger

Rumble./com – Alternative Media Platform

Bitchute./com – Alternative Media Platform (Based)

Arkofgrace-ministries./com – Amanda Grace Prophet

JGminternational./org – Julie Green Prophet

traderschoice./net – Gregory Mannarino Trader Market Expert

freedomcells./org – Localized Freedom Group Finder

prussiagate.substack./com/ – PrussiaGate Web stack Source of DeepState Plays

patelpatriot.substack./com/ – Patel Patriot Devolution Theory

clifhigh.substack./com/ – Clif High Deep Learning Computer Trends Forecaster

https://www.kingdomlivingwithjessie.com/ -Jessie Czebotar