Where is Home?

I dont know about you. But for myself, many times I have thought I have come from another place, another people… It seems my “human” values do not match the majority of people’s values we share this Earth plane with. Here it seems that respect, love, and value is associated only with the dollars one […]

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A message to the Survivors

I’m not able to tell you what comes next. But I’m gonna try my very best to describe it the best I can. If you have not noticed, it appears that there is a coordinated effort to destroy the liberal western world from the inside out. In my best estimate, it is a combination of […]

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God’s Ever-Present Glory

Over the last many years, I have been coming round and round seeking to better live a life that honors God. Sometimes the religious expectations of honoring God have gotten in the way, as much as the worldly distractions for honoring God. Personally, I’ve become exhausted running programming for the church. Some days it feels […]

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Broken Trees

When starting this blog. I always thought that it had to follow some standard of expression. To be like the many other ministry websites. Little did I know it was maybe more for me than it was for you all. A place were we see that we may not all be so different after all. […]

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A Glorious Persuasion

The world is a never ending manifestation of imagination. Humanity creates an endless stream of creative content from an endless amount of perspectives. This appears as an endless variety of thoughts, stories, and ideas. As people we can become dangerously cavalier in the pursuit of our curiosities. Is there any reason to not seek out […]

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