Where is Home?

I dont know about you. But for myself, many times I have thought I have come from another place, another people…

It seems my “human” values do not match the majority of people’s values we share this Earth plane with. Here it seems that respect, love, and value is associated only with the dollars one has in the bank account and little to nothing else. To my soul this is a foreign concept. But my experiences have told me no different. Therefore, I have come to conclude that this is a rule of this planet if not a virtue. The behavior of the church not being an exception to this rule.

This brings me to concieve that maybe things are not as they seem. It is difficult to not concieve that there are people of various degrees of soul development here. If we have all only lived here and no where else I would think we would all have the same values. Clearly we do not, so this causes me to think that for some of us this is not where we are from.

Could that mean we are from other worlds, dimensions, or realities? Yes, I could see how that can be so. Does thinking that make it easier? No, certainly not.

This sort of thinking comes with a bigger responsibility. We all long for love and belonging. On this planet it is acquired in ways we know in our hearts is consciously inferior. So we choose between forgoing recognition because of our deeper wisdom or trading our essence in exchange for temporarly fitting in.

This is a hard choice, enevitably we compromise a little bit, this is the unfortunate reality of this world.

That being said, I encourage you to value the part of you that causes you to feel out of place here. Despite the resistance you face to express that part of you. It is the most important part of who you are, in this land that will not reward you for it.

It takes a lot of faith to believe your soul has something to offer when this world wants none of it. That can be a good indicator of the importance of what you have to offer. The true determinate that our lives are bigger than this ‘one’ life.

This place will never feel like home, but if we are true to ourselves we may find we made a difference even if small and this planet could still come around to the light.

God Bless you.

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