Where is Home?

I dont know about you. But for myself, many times I have thought I have come from another place, another people… It seems my “human” values do not match the majority of people’s values we share this Earth plane with. Here it seems that respect, love, and value is associated only with the dollars one […]

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Broken Trees

When starting this blog. I always thought that it had to follow some standard of expression. To be like the many other ministry websites. Little did I know it was maybe more for me than it was for you all. A place were we see that we may not all be so different after all. […]

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The Humiliation of the Cross

Humiliation is a darkness, a cold container of contempt, that becomes in a person’s life a door that will never remain shut. It is a chilled draft you cannot see but can undeniably feel. In maturity it becomes more clear. That most of all deep human wounds are embossed in humiliation. As children we quickly […]

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