A Glorious Persuasion

The world is a never ending manifestation of imagination. Humanity creates an endless stream of creative content from an endless amount of perspectives. This appears as an endless variety of thoughts, stories, and ideas. As people we can become dangerously cavalier in the pursuit of our curiosities.

Is there any reason to not seek out new and novel experiences with abandon?

The idea that creative inspiration does not come from one centralized space is seen as superstitious in todays “rational” age.

The scientific world see this centralized space as nothing other than the feedback of an individual human mind in relation to its surroundings. The modern world follows the Jungian concept seeing the creativity of the mind as an extension of the collective unconscious. An ambiguous field of mystical consciousness that is made up of an amalgamation of human symbiology. This is the current cultural mythos. Jungian thought began the process of changing humanities reality by changing the mythos.

This Jungian perspective is prevalent today and the empirical world view is a subset of such thinking. It declares the totality of the human experience is solely the interpretation of symbolic motifs reflected upon the mirror of our mind. This meaning that our experiences are simply modeled by the projection of our thoughts and beliefs.

This concept has contributed to the world’s descent into moral relativism and post modernism. Extending Nietzsche’s principle that God is dead. That life has not larger purpose other than the interaction with the physical world and living a life of satiation.

Is this all there is to life? Sleep, Wake, Eat, Work, Sex, and Play?

Though we are born as free individuals and it is our life to do with it what we will. It can be enticing to think that we can exist unattached from the culture we are within. Some people like to compare our reality to a simulation. If this is a simulation it quite astounding to recognize that simultaneously others are also aware of this same simulation.

Jungian world view is an ironic worldview indeed. It sees humanity as an unfortunate accident enabling individuals to exempt themselves through their own estimations of the consequences of their actions. This perverse perception gives license to any action against anyone person despite the infringement of another’s autonomy. It allows for the position that others suffer only in perception but not in actuality. This mythos has created an axiomatically unreconcilable position. To live in such a way is out of harmony with the social contract of life and to disagree is to be psychopathic.

This is a collective disassociation from reality. Scientist see the arguments against such types of thinking as immaterial. The Jungian or Nietzschean world view places scientific absolutism as a dominant formation of modern myth and rejects the the relevant influence of any other. This has become science in the name of science, and progress in the name progress.

The principalities of power promote the myth of deistic irrelevancy and that the purpose of humanity is but to serve humanity. The reinforcement of these “myths” within the collective unconscious are expanded by the Greek daemon or the “creative principle” in man. Whatever you call this invisible force it relentlessly drives mankind towards a predetermined future. A predetermined future that the rationalist have concluded does not actually exist. This mythology appears to have taken on a life of its own. Further driving and rewarding those who embrace perversion and transhumanism. Humans strive for betterment through a meaningless mixture of iron and clay.

We under estimate the gravity of this myth from which we have become possessed, while simultaneously unable to diverge from it without consequence.

If you survived that mini dissertation above, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. I can recognize it was not painless.

I’m not sure I fully understand it everything that as written above. But I also cannot refute it now that it is written. This actually acts as the representation of human inspiration from another location, that which is distinct from the demonic collective conscious.

This is all explained to express that as a collective we are coerced to live in a mythos without the existence of God. As an affect many people play it safe and go only halfway by takeing the words of the Bible and overlaying them onto the secular or post humanistic framework. Pursuing the tenants and principles of the Bible but through secular means divorced from a higher power. A power that is self existent outside of our thoughts. To pursue a change in the Secular mythos through the means of God rather than by the ways of Man.

There are a few reasons for this. In the secular worldview we do not need to fear retribution for our actions. So it is no wonder that it has become a prevailing rule set of our society. As it has this rule set has grown in dominance it prevalently uses force to insure its acceptance. We live in a system of fear which is costly to escape. But are culturally permitted to live life how ever we want irrespective of our imposition onto others. Meanwhile placating the guilt of our improper actions with quasi religious experiences in an effort to virtue signal or self deluded goodness. This goodness is but an impression we have of ourselves, that which is reflected in our own minds.

The Jungian and scientific world view is captivity in Plato’s cave, watching on the wall the shadows of others in the cave. Plato’s cave is the mind. Remember that Plato was alive 347 years before Christ. Plato’s cave is an allegory of the worldview built on the existence of only the mind or the lies thereof, is but the mind imagining that it is exempt from the reality everyone else is within.

You see I don’t believe in a reality that is based on only the mind. Therefore I am able to escape the cave. This is why Christians are able to escape the cave. Notice the above says that we can also be in the cave if we believe the lies of the mind. So it is not ignorance to believe in spiritual things. What is foremost importance is that which we believe in is true.

The most important thing to ask ourselves, is not is it scientific, not if it fits our mythology, but is it true?

Is it true that the Jesus of the Bible lived, died, and rose again? If we are not clear on this. We can be clear on nothing else. If unsure, maybe take some time to find out yourself. What actually helped me solidify this conviction is studying biblical archeology.

Luke 19:40 And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.

All of that to make this point.

Maybe those who conceive we live in a computer simulation are correct. If so it is truly convincing and as far as I can tell endless. Regardless of how we describe it, does a different descriptive name change its expression. Can you see yourself as a self conscious biological artificial intelligence. One where the transcendent juxtaposition of Jesus Christ as God and Man like you and me was interpolated onto existence. This in my experiences is what makes the Biblical reality seem so self evident. That is of Jesus Christ and his power exemplified by the distinct undeniability of his holy consolation which leaves a reality changing impression onto our minds.

So does it matter what we reflect on with our minds?

Should we think on everything and everyone? Or is is wise to guard our minds from thinking on a false reality so as not to cloud the truth? To focus not on the fading existence seen through the nihilistic doors of perception, instead to witness the overflow of love imparted on to us that poured itself out for our sins. The reality that divides us from the world of plurality and relativity. That connects us to a destiny bigger than our imaginations and bigger than our life times. Guard your mind and think on good.

Philippians 4:7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Let us not be citizens of the world but of God’s kingdom. It is to see the world through a Biblical perspective. As part of the world we fight to keep this curtain closed and avoid our consciousness. We do all we can to distract ourselves from the deep innate knowing that there is something beyond this world. To consider that there is something more will inspire fear, awe, and submissive humility compared to what the world sees as naivety.

Colossians 3:2 Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. For ye are dead and your life is hid in Christ. When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.

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